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Devora Samet, Psy.D., M.S. Ed.

In private practice for 20 years and counting, Dr. Devora Samet is recognized as the Jewish community’s #1-rated social skills and behavioral specialist. She utilizes Red Green Behavior Therapy™ and trains others in the RGBT™ system.

Her trailblazing work continues to redefine how teachers, parents, and professionals view and treat social and behavioral challenges in children and teens.

In addition to her practice and staff positions in educational settings across New York State and beyond, she also lectures widely; trains teachers, principals, and parents; and guides caregivers of socially challenged individuals on how to not only cope with the difficulties but also to improve their skill sets to create a more powerful future for both the client and their family, as well as their support systems.

Dr. Devora Samet’s creations include Red Green Behavior Therapy™,  several audio and video programs, and countless workshops based on the RGBT™ system. Her groundbreaking work involves adapting strategies traditionally only used to teach academic skills and applying them to the art of teaching social skills, thus reaching a large spectrum of children with tremendous success.

Children Studying Alphabet

Red Green Behavior Therapy™ 

Children are not things to be molded but are people to be unfolded.

Dr. Samet graduated from Long Island University - Post with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology and from the College of Staten Island with a Masters's Degree in Special Education.

In 2006, Dr. Samet founded Red Green Behavior Therapy™ to cater to the unmet needs of children with social and behavioral difficulties, whose challenges needed creative ways to be addressed.  Dr. Samet trains professionals, educators, and parents in Red Green Behavior Therapy™, an innovative, research-based, cutting-edge, and highly effective social skills program based on the RGBT™ system.

“Most importantly, by continuing to work with children, teenagers, and young adults, we remain a student in the lifelong process of learning and discovering new and better ways to teach.”

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