Are you a Google or a Siri? Different Types of people in the World

For the fun of it, I asked Siri, “Will you marry me?” Siri tersely replied, “Let’s just be friends, OK?” I then asked Google, “Will you marry me?” Google’s patient reply was a host of images, video clips, lyrics, paintings, encyclopedia info, and a collection of related searches.

So, are you a Google speaker who shares tons of information, even the kind that the other person doesn’t care much for? Or are you like Siri, you share information that is short and sweet and to the point?

How about, are you a Siri listener and don’t have much patience for others, or are you a Google listener, and you don’t cut the other person off too quickly?

Here is a social behavior story Morah Lucy created with me to help a seven-year-old boy who gave too much detailed information, the kind that the average person isn’t interested in listening to. But if someone else tried telling him a lengthy story, he got visibly annoyed quite quickly!

Different Types of people in the World

There are different types of people in the world. Some people are Googles and some people are Siri’s. People who are Siri’s have no patience and want to get on with things. People who are Googles have a lot of patience. Google talkers talk and talk and talk and talk. Google listeners listen and listen and listen and listen. Very patiently.

I, Jacob, am sometimes a Siri listener. I don’t have patience for people’s stories and I don’t want to listen to tons of details. I am also sometimes a Google talker. I talk and talk and talk and talk.

Guess what??!! Most people in the world are also Siri listeners and Google talkers. They also don’t enjoy listening to tons of details in a story but they want to talk a lot, too. Therefore, if someone talks to them, they only want to hear something short, sweet, and to the point. At the same time, they want other people to listen to them. Patiently.

People in the world enjoy Siri speakers and Google listeners. I will try to be a Siri speaker and a Google listener. This way, people will enjoy talking to me and listening to my stories.

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