The 18 Means of Communication: Helping A Child With Poor Communication & Conversation Skills

Do you work with a child who has poor communication skills?  Does the child have difficulty initiating and/or maintaining a conversation?

You may need to teach the different Means of Communication to eventually reach the goal of fluid conversations and smoother interactions.

Some of the next few blog posts will provide tips and information on teaching communication and conversation skills.

The next time you have a conversation with someone, pay attention to the types of sentences in your dialogue.  Or, when listening to a conversation, you might notice that the sentences within that conversation are a combination of the 18 categories below.

What are the 18 Means of Communication?

  1. Labeling/Descriptive statements

  2. Protesting

  3. Arguing

  4. Requesting action/Commanding

  5. Asking for help

  6. Requesting an answer to simple (fact) questions

  7. Greeting/Exits

  8. Repeating/Paraphrasing

  9. Answering questions

  10. Asking permission

  11. Calling someone’s name

  12. Complimenting

  13. Telling a story

  14. Commenting

  15. Asking questions to show interest (personal questions)

  16. Active listening

  17. Offering new information

  18. Stating an opinion

Why is it important to recognize these different categories?   The way you will know what to teach will be determined by what you notice is deficient.

The next blog post will provide some concrete steps and ideas to teach the missing skills.

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