The foundations of self-control - Plan Ahead

What’s another way to help kids Plan Ahead so that they can use better self-control?

Advance Notice is another great strategy!

Say a child has a history of consistently running out of the school building when he passes by one of the doors. As you walk down the hallway, you might say, “Hey Isaac, we’re approaching the school doors and we’re gonna remember to keep our body and feet in the building. We’ll continue walking right down the hallway until we get to the lunchroom.” Then praise the child for doing the green: “Good Isaac. We continued walking down the hallway and we kept our body and feet in the building.”

Here are some more examples of Advance Notice:

Example 1. “Joey, I am going to say ‘It’s time for lunch and you’ll put away the crayons right away.” “It’s time for lunch.” “Good for you, Joey! You put away the crayons as soon as I said, ‘It’s time for lunch.’” Example 2. “Girls and Boys, we’re going to the lunchroom, and while we’re going down the hallway, everyone will walk quietly.” “I like how everyone is walking quietly.” Example 3. “Sara, I am going to say, ‘It’s Circle Time’ and you’ll put away the Legos right away.” “It’s Circle Time.” “Good for you, Sara! You put away the Lego as soon as I said, ‘It’s Circle Time.’” Example 4. “Morris, we’re gonna be eating spaghetti with ketchup for lunch, and even if the ketchup spills on your shirt, you’re gonna’ stay calm. “Good for you Morris. Look! Some ketchup got on your shirt and your mouth is quiet and you’re not crying.”

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