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How To Do Time-Out Effectively! 

Many parents and professionals use ‘time-outs/time-away-from-fun’ when necessary. However, the difference between an effective time-out/time-away and one that doesn’t work is in the fine details.

If you’re going to give time-out, do it right:

  1. Make sure you have rewarded and reinforced positive behavior so that the child enjoys being in time-in.

  2. Do not make eye contact while taking the child TO time-out.

  3. Do not make eye contact while the child is IN time-out.

  4. Do not have ANY conversations whatsoever while the child is in time-out.

  5. Do not pile on additional consequences for misbehavior IN time-out.

  6. Every 30-60 seconds, softly and calmly praise the body parts that are already calm.  Ex. “Good calm hands and mouth.”  If one body part still needs to be calm, add, “I need to see calm feet.”

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