Doing Homework


“Devora, first of all, I wanted to thank you. I have gained so many new strategies and I can't wait to implement them for the upcoming school year! I have already started using your method on a 17-year-old girl who is not functioning (depression/anxiety). You gave us homework at the first workshop to find someone to practice on, and I did. I wasn't sure I could help, and in reality, I see that this girl needs years of help but it's just been a few weeks, and there is improvement in both behavior and awareness. Even her skeptical parents noticed. Normally, I wouldn't dare tackle anything so big like this, but I know the girl and the family and already have rapport with all of them. The girl knows that I am "practicing" on her and knows that I am not a replacement for therapy or medicine. I hope to continue "practicing" on her and hope to make a difference in her life and in the lives of the rest of the future children I work with.


Secondly, the course was worth every penny! I was super anxious to spend money this summer on a workshop, because 1) I'm a frugal person in general, so it's always painful to spend a large chunk of money at once and 2) If I was spending a large chunk of money, where was the guarantee that it would be worthwhile? Well, it was! And I'm not one to use "amazing" as an accolade when I critique a class, so I will use words like: practical, informative, very clear methodology, kept my interest, fun, and very worth the time and money. Thanks again!”

Rachel Senderowitz, M.S.

SEIT/Special Education

Flatbush, Brooklyn

“Thanks once again for your outstanding course. I have gained immeasurably from it and use many of the techniques and strategies. May you continue to use your talents, knowledge, and experience to benefit others.”

Mrs. Shany G.

Principal, Girls School

Flatbush, Brooklyn

“Devora, Thanks for everything.
I started using the techniques with some of my students... and Red Green Behavior Therapy certainly does work! It is an amazing program!!”


Faigy R., LCSW

Licensed Social Worker

Lakewood, NJ

“Dr. Samet, thanks again for your in-depth and step-by-step course.
It shed light in so many areas, and actually taught me more than a course. Red Green Behavior Therapy is a way of life!!”

Sarah J.

Elementary School Teacher

Monsey, NY