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Learn preventive strategies using the RGBT™ system. At Red Green Behavior Therapy™, we know that progress happens fastest when there's a team approach. Therefore, we go into homes and schools to train parents and teachers to use the same RGBT™ methodology to maintain a high level of consistency for the child.


Program Directors, teachers, assistants, and paraprofessionals as well as OTs, PTs and Speech therapists are all taught how to use and implement Red Green Behavior Therapy throughout the school day.  They are encouraged to incorporate the RGBT™ strategies whenever they work on academic, behavioral, social, and therapeutic goals.   With a high level of consistency among all staff, You can generally see significant progress within 1-2 weeks of the program's start.

children & young adults using RGBT™


Using RGBT™, parents are taught how to create structure and routines in their homes.  They are given ideas on how to set up creative reward systems that take into account the fact that households are busy places.  Additionally, parents may have other children who need to be attended to, and as such, the program will have reasonable expectations for parents.  Most often, parents are shown how to maintain and generalize skills that were taught in school.